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Submitted by Akinradewo Modebitoye Orobola on
TO me i think water should be free,because water is vital for all,70.9% of water covers the earth surface,clean drinking water is important to al humans and other lifeforms,there must be access to safe drinking water,that is tasteless,transparent,and odorless as the universal solvent. As we know that water is fit for human consumption ,potable water should be available at less cost,by the government,water tankers should be provided by the local government to reach the communities where clean water is not available,supply of cheap potable water with easy distribution to the public or consumer. Boring wells ,reservoirs should be made available to the community on government support,there must be free access to enough safe water supply ,not only to the riches,it must be potable water for all. Promote partner organization that can help communities design and construct sustainable water supply system,that will counter negative effects of lack of adequate water,since water is unique and limited resource. Also there must be water control,that guarantee an efficient use of water,as water is scarce in some areas and is wrong distributed,but very important and must present in all aspect of our life,as millions of people who have no access to portable water, government should collaborate with private entities that make water supply available to the consumer by delegating an institution or board that sees to water control,price,and it´s distribution. Providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries,will enhance health, sanitation, and economic development, for poor sanitation can claims lives through disease than any war through guns,lack of safe water supplies can cause infection in impoverished slums and shanty-villages or town with no sanitation facilities or proper hygiene and nutritional status. Therefore it is good to Educate people about how to preserve water to avoid waste,also wastewater management system should be introduce in all town,above all there must be access to clean water ,by the populace. WATER SHOULD BE FREE FOR THE LESS PRIVILEDGE AND EVEN COST LESS FOR THE RICHES,FOR WATER IS A FREES GIFT FROM GOD,ONLY THE PROCESS OF MAKING IT PURE COST MONEY,AND GOVERNMENT SHOULD ASSIST THE WATER INDUSTRY.