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Submitted by Raj Raina on
Thank you for your active discussion on the topic. A question on a quote from a response post dated oct 13th 2010 on Millennium Village Blog. "Consider an example. The MVP introduces agricultural support programs in Year 1 to provide 100kg of subsidized fertilizer and 10kg of modern seeds to 10,000 local farmers, in a country where most farmers use less than 10kg of fertilizer per household and very few have access to modern seeds. In the first season, the MVP farmers increase their yield by 2 tons per hectare. The national government then decides that it wants to provide similar support to every smallholder farm household in the country, and is successful in mobilizing ODA support to do so, but the country can only afford to subsidize 50kg to each farmer along with 5kg of seeds. The result is that the national average yield increases by 1 ton per hectare." What is the real effect in MVP site due to MVP intervention? 1 ton or 2 tons yield increase Would much appreciate your thoughts on the question as I am trying to think about it myself.