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Submitted by Eric B on
Ina & Esu. your artilce is very effective at highlighting some of the dilemmas facing African agriculture. Among the problems, land reforms, managerial skills and capital formation continue to plagues African enterprise. Only an Afrocentric solution devised and implemented with foreign advise will allleviate these chronic problems. In graduate school we were thought the concepts of systems thinking, but most Africans are subsistence farmers who cannot understand the concepts of systems implementation for the good of all. During the industrial revolution in the West, most of the systems were developed and implemented by the industrialists of the day at a very high cost to society and the environment. But through trial and error the west has overcome these challenges by environmental oversight and strict labor laws. What Africa needs is the regulatory framework to encourage the likes of Henry Ford to assemble the factors of production in a scale to solve the supply problem. Sadly political instability in Africa and the influence of foreign powers may not allow this to happpen anytime soon. But I am hopefull that events in Egypt may be signalling the emergence of a new generation of doers. that will finally rid the continent of imcompetent dictators. Most people are not aware that the European, American and probably Chinese governments do subsidize agriculture to make them more competitive in the global market. There is an inherent national interest in food security, and any government that is not capable of proviing food security is doomed to fail in the next food crisis.