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Submitted by mwansa chalwe on
Letters in Africa means; A-- Ambition, F-- Faith, R--Responsblity, I--Integrity, C--Courage, and A--Abundance, quoted Lawrence Mukuka, PHD. The change for Africa today is not the chnage between individuals, "The greatest change for Africa today is the change within each individual from negative mindset the root cause of poverty, corrupation and all other ills to positive mindset the root cause of wealth creation,health,happiness and all positive conditions. Counting more on changing mindsets rather than on financial resources to promote sustainable develpment. "Africa people today are what they think" A lot of people are focusing and thinking about poverty, so do they expect poverty. What you think is what you attract, the a person focuses on poverty the more poverty. Never think about what you dont what in your life to happen to you. The bible says"You reap what you have sown" A thought is a cause and the experince is seed of cause. You cannot change circumstance(POVERTY) without first changing the cause. For years the mindset has worked aganist Africans and giving them unwanted results. The mind was designed by God to work for a person, not a person to work for the mind. If a person thinks negatively or poverty the mind will give poverty because that waht is thinking about. Change is the mindset fisrt. The writer M..........