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Submitted by Raissa on
Thanks for your post, Raju. It's very true that the lion has slept quite the grasse matinee, comme on dit. Your third paragraph touches well on some of the main culprits, although I might even suggest that it is the weak governance that contributes to an unfavorable business environment, which results in neglected infrastructure. Cameroon is a wonderfully diverse country, rich with natural resources and a well educated human resource base relative to some of its neighbors. But we've observed the country slide down on all the big indicators: GDP, or MDG. Last year I was hopeful that the approach of 2011's presidential elections might wake Cameroonians up to demand more from their nation. This was despite the fact that the year started off on a precarious foot: at Biya's presidential address on January 1, 2010, he finished his discourse on live television with a hearty "Bonne Annee Deux Mille Neuf!" But it is clear that in terms of governance, a sagging status quo seems to suffice for most. In a country of 250 different languages and groups, is the state of one's nation an afterthought? What is it about the current governance system that is so discouraging? What can be done about it? I would place urgency on allowing fresh faces in high level political positions. Otherwise the lion will wake up as the sun is already setting on Cameroon's opportunities to lead Central Africa.