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Submitted by Stephen on
Dear Shanta, This is a great idea, although I second the request for a transcript for those of us with slow internet speeds or who would just like to read through the text and refer to it later. One small gripe: the use of graphs could use tightening up. My main complaint is the unequal x-axis intervals in the child mortality graph near the beginning of the presentation. The time points are 1990, 2000, and then 2006, which obviously makes the drop from 1990 to just after 2000 look very dramatic. Of course, this drop is dramatic and the good progress should be highlighted! But the time intervals should be equally spaced to aid interpretation of the change over time. Other things are a bit odd, such as showing 13 series for primary completion rates but only labelling 7 of them. If there isn't space for all 13 labels, then just show the 7 that are labelled, perhaps with a '(weighted) average' bar too, so we can see just how much better Mozambique has done than the average SSA country. Finally, you should think more about whether a graphic is needed at all. I'm not sure a line graph with 2 data points, showing the decline in GDP from 2008 to 2009 adds anything to your talk. Minor gripes aside, I eagerly await your next video! Best regards, Stephen