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Submitted by Franklin Nnebe on
Hi Shanta, nice idea for internet video which while a bit long has great pointers. But for those without broadband speed is it possible to make a transcript with the charts available as well? About your video I like your focus on infrastructure. Infrastructure creates markets and stimulates them and this along with policies, is reponsible for a big jump in growth rates whether its in banking, transport, or telecommunications. I have a few questions for you though on two other aspects to growth in Africa that came to mind. First is the catch-up factor stemming from the lost decade of the 1990s. Countries populations grew by at least 50% while both public and private sector investment was minimal. Is this what is partly behind the unusual growth in Africa in this last decade? Second is the urbanization factor. African urbanization rates have doubled in a decade. Has this made it easier to deliver better standards of living? Has it raised disposable income? What part do African cities play in the growth story? I look forward to reading your reply on these topics.