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Submitted by Adele on
If we can reduce unemployment and poverty, then we will reduce crime. We do not feel that government is able to impact unemployment. Their claim of creating 5 million jobs in the next 10 years is seriously questionable. They havent been able to do it in the last 17 years so why all of a sudden can they do it now? After almost 2 decades their best plan for job creation is a R 9 billion Jobs Fund. They have apportioned money to this fund but they don't actually have any ideas on what to do. You cannot just 'create' jobs. There is no use in putting people in positions that are not needed, but hey, let's 'create' a job for this guy. If we can take care of people who are so horribly affected by poverty by helping them build a home, grow vegetables, and firstly look after themselves, and during this transformation start earning an income, these individuals will have cash in their pockets, they will want to go and spend that cash, and eventually, the retailers would have to employ more staff because of the demand in service. That is job creation. Our team at 1 Way Forward is ready and willing to assist in Job Evolution, but, we need the whole of South Africa to stand together, and move forward together, as a nation and let's get rid of poverty and unemployment in a way that in 10 years time, there will not be one person suffering like this! Think about it..... visit our website today, and become part of the change