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TO SABS:I think that this is abosolutely great but i also think that a percentage of the executives has earned their current package by doing things that are unseen to the rest of us. The rate of crime has a to increased due to the increase of addiction to substances such as drugs, alcohol, gangsterism etc. The creating of new jobs would be ideal but would it solve the addiction that many choose not to control? If in a perfect world nobody turned to abusing alcohol or drugs then things wouldve been different. So many things needs to be looked at as a whole many of which i havent touched but i really hope that things would change dramatically for SA as a whole that will improve many cirumstances. Many of SA citizens are neglecting to do things that could cause change. If people's mindset could change it would help quite a bit. If mentality, perspective and approach changes many would be helped. I pray that the year 2012 would hold many fulfillments to many in great expectation. May doors open that has been locked to many ignorant minds. May the whole of SA unite as one in wanting to help and cause effect.