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Submitted by Paul on
Praveen This all appears very optimistic to me. The economy has been devastated by the truly appalling policies of the ZANPU Government, who (of course) have no interest in creating a wealthy educated citizenry as they then might start asking questions and demanding democracy (viz Egypt, Tunisia, Syria...). Dollarization has helped in the short term (ironic that the a Govt that hates the West is so willing to use their currency), but it means that the economy cannot devalue through the exchange rate, and like Greece etc - they will be forced to stagnate the economy to keep inflation under control. They would have been better off using the Rand. The Indigenization agenda is a disaster for all, except the few crony ZANUPF elite who will benefit. What of the diamonds recently discovered in the Eastern Highlands ? - will any of these revenues run through the MoF and be spent on schools etc? Unlikely. Instead it will be used to fund ZANPU's next election campaign based on violence, fear and intimidation. I hope the WB does not turn a blind eye to these atrocities. Paul