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Shanta All you're doing is reproducing the orthodoxy that unless it makes profit for private corporations (FIRST), it is not important. You're doing it in that wonderful rhetoric that economists like yourself use and, if anyone thinks honestly and long enough, and happen to disagree with you, you're shocked, as Oakshott so pithily observed. The World Bank will not stop unless the whole of Africa is like Arizona; run by crude right-wing anti-government types under the rubric of "freedom".... You will not stop until you break the spine of all human resistance to privatisation and slashing of funding for education (like the crushing of protests in Wisconsin) and... placing profits before people. The sad thing is that peaceful protest will achieve nothing - given your power. Recently the president of the US (from whence you take your instructions) said he was not concerned about the recession; yeah, because he has a job, health care for his family and a lot of guns. No wonder he is not scared or concerned. Your sermons to Africans is driven my the same callousness, self-righteousness. You will not stop until you have crushed human resistance to the privatisation of everything in life. At the very time that capitalism is being rescued, because it is unsustainable, and when people are taking to the streets in Greece and elsewhere, against that which people like yourself propagate with religious fundamentalist zeal, you continue to spread market fundamentalism in Africa. You do so, (you go to bed with a full stomach every day) backed by the most powerful forces in the world. Human rights cannot be quantified (why, as Krugman will have it, if it can't be explained by formalist logic, it does not matter. and people have no moral right to protest against cheap/child labour because they have not thought long and hard enough) ) or traded (well, you haven't found a way to do it yet), that is why it is not a priority for you and people like you - economists and "political scientists" along the City of London Wall Street Washington Pentagon Axis. Then again, the biggest problem we face is that our leaders have been seduced into the good life. They will not resist you, because they enjoy the privileges of elitism and the life of the late capitalist janissery. I don't even know why we bother - you don't care because there are no mathematical algorithms in this comment, or because I will not use your economics logic. Just incidentally, I have not, just, crawled from underneath a rock. If people disagree with you, they're not stupid or ill-informed...