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Submitted by SALIMA KANE, Political Scientist, Team Leader, UN Harare on
To apply Human rights in any given society, it is important to understand the ideologies behind Human Development. But, let's bear in mind that both ideologies have mixed feelings. When human rights are entrusted to us , giving us the most basic rights and the freedom of speech, life, to defend our ideologies no matter our nationality, origins, race, color and or even our sexual orientation.. these so to speak are our human rights because we do not chose our color, our race, our ethnicity. Human development only plays a role in enlarging and giving us more opportunities to reach out and to improve all these rights. Let me return back to my first comment when I said: both Human rights and Human development have mixed feelings, because we see in many LDC or emerging market countries where Human rights are well enforced, there is equality, women are given more opportunities. I will take the example of China where there an economic Development but, no Human rights, but, I know that this will not last for ever. China has to change its Human rights orientation and give more freedom to its people , if they want to compete truly in the Global economy. The further long they develop economically , the more rights the population will demand. I must say as a woman I am disgusted and appalled by the disrespectful treatment of women in China for not giving them the rights to carry their female unborn child. So this will make me conclude that Human rights are indeed necessary for economic development. There is no way a country can continue a stable economic freedom without giving its people a freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of life. Though the feelings are mixed, but, that is the ultimate goals and this goes to all countries for people from all walks of life and economic strata. It is a must no matter how much economic freedom a country might have.