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Submitted by mwakarama on
Hi Shanta, I doubt that you will get much responce from Africa on this topic, for one thing... it is a tricky issue. Most African countries that are land locked, might at best have to trade between each-other in Oil; the producers supplying the non producers and or exporting to countries like Seyselles, Mauritius etcetera on very long term contracts and fairly cheaply if agreeable... The biggest handicap for landlocked countries is not how much energy is used to generate GDP. Yes, certainly for countries with no Hydro Electricity generation alternatives. And run their industries on Oil energy full time, that premise would apply. Otherwise for countries with adequate Hydro power generating capacity - the usage on lighting and low capacity production industries (as alternately timed at defering rates for peaks and lows...) would be small perhaps in comparison to cost of inland trucking logistics. Ever since Independence I doubt that Uganda ever has import oil stock in a 30 day reserve... this means that should anything happen beyond sevendays the thing reserve would run out - and ironically between Uganda and Kenya it has been over 40 years of high cost trucking... there is now a justification for Uganda becoming a producer. Fuel costs don't fluctuate downwards... it keeps going-up.