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Submitted by Maxwell on
I see this as an innovative idea which is aimed at reducing the malpractices and conflicts that erupt due to the mineral revenues. However, this approach is potentially suicidal to the citizens themselves as it begs the question of how much should the citizens get? Who should be eligible to get these monies-targeting challenge? Should we consider equity issues or anybody should benefit including the presidents and ministers? What about those directly linked to the sector, would they demand the same wages with this new approach? This suggestion is synonymous to the idea of government stopping the formulation of national budgets and just divides the monies to the number of citizens. It is a brilliant idea though but it requires further refining to ensure that we don't eventually tax ourselves so severely in the hypo-critic idea that "you are paid". All that is needed is a proper transparent and accountability system. Unfortunately, it is hard to set up such a system. Regards Maxwell