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Submitted by Woubet on
It is understood that many factors play out in the process of building up this new country. However it is my strongest conviction that the success and failure of Southern Sudan rests on the Sudanese people. The people should partake in the affairs of state in a fair manner. Elections should be fair and democratic, from the community up to the national level. This doesn’t mean that a Sudanese leadership segment the society along ethnic, religious and any other criteria and meddle among them. This is going to be a complete failure as exhibited in many African countries including Ethiopia. The state must make sure that the people of Sudan are heard and represented. This sense of active engagement is empowering and awakening for society. Few could argue that in an underdeveloped society, the elite should make the big decisions since the society is ‘backward’. People KNOW, the people of Sudan know the answers to their puzzles. Even if they fail this time, they would know how not to fail again…Their voices must be heard.