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Submitted by James Bill Ochamgiu on
I know of what is going on in Abyei region but African must learn to live in peace and must regard themselves as one people all over the continent. Love is most important thing. Religion should not separate us the UN declaration is very clear on freedom of worship, respect to human right ,freedom of movement-----. South Sudan our new baby im prod of you but be ready to defend your selves the international community should always find you doing some to safe guard yourselvers. I know that UN must be looking at the boarder issues and might ensure that its better defined so that no more tension. US is my pride they raise a proposal to the UN ready to protect African citizens. This is good, that is why God should bless Americans.Al-Bashir aiming to fight for the region holds no water. I believe that Richard Nixion policy first then others may follow. I'm with you as you get your independence may God bless Africa, friends of Africa and its citizens