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Submitted by Maimbo on
To this list, I would add Political Leadership. I am yet to see a nation succeed without this critical ingredient. Yet there are many countries that have managed without many other ingredients. But in my conviction that leadership is central; I struggle with my preference for benovelent dictators. It is politically incorrect to denounce democracy. Yet, most countries that have 'done it' - Rwanda, Uganda and even Botswana, have had a dominant political figure that has led the country in its momentous steps to economic growth. Further afield, Singapore is well known example. Today, China's growth might be attributed to its lack of democracy (admittedly a simplistic stretch of the arguement here). So for all its potential and opportunities, and as polticially incorrect as my call might be, South Sudan needs a strong leader. A very strong visionary leader. Johan Garang was said to have been such a leader. But is no more. Is there another that will be South Sudan's Lee Kuan Yew?