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Submitted by Fay on
My first question how do the only the elite get access to "free education"? If financing education for a country is a problem make apartment style residences for teachers as well as their families, provide food, other resources, pay them a moderate stipend for teaching in order to save so that students can all receive a formal education. I am under the impression if you are hungry, poor, famished, desire to work, and want to contribute to your environment this will not be a problem it will be a solution to an even bigger problem. Free education should be an entitlement to a country's citizens. If some of these same citizens deem it so then they have the right to start privately funded universities. If there is an issues about retaining serious, dedicated students whom would be an asset to society test them or put them through an intermediate learning program to make sure they are ready and up to the task. This education could be a summer program or a load of courses designed to assist and seek out those who will benefit the most from a formal education. People who seek knowledge seek with their hearts and follow through with a formal education. If the people who are running your school system are people who first seek tangible things and profit you will have uneducated and misinformed students. Education that is free should be just that free from the confines of a social caste system. It should also be free from corruption and from being perverted in the ranks; this means anyone that is not dedicated to seeing all students involved and growing should not be in an authoritative role. This will allow the right environment to be facilitated so that students can be scholars and take on a new way of life. Education becomes part of who you are not just what you do. Without understanding and having a common goal and agreeing on methodology there will be issues in facilitating any environment. Agreement, aligned goals, provision or creation of resources, clearly defined methods, and a conducive environment will do wonders for anyone as many studies, philosophers, teachers, followers and leaders have shown. Educating one's people and making the most of the whole the least is the path to a nation's true wealth and preservation. No student can learn without a master and no master can teach without a student we are all equal.