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Submitted by Alec Gershberg on
shanta, i think one overlooked issue is the obsession with viewing "the education system" as a whole. meaning that there is this contained unit of primary, secondary and tertiary education. this leads inevitably to a focus on what i consider a false tradeoff, i.e. compulsory education versus tertiary education, and all the "rates of return" arguments that i am not sure have lead us anywhere. if you start to weigh investment in tertiary education versus other parts of the budgets or sectors (for instance, defense spending), it can be quite instructive. in short, i would like to see a greater consideration of higher education as it's own sector, with inputs to and from basic education, industry, governance, rule of law, etc etc. thanks for asking. hope you are well. alec p.s. i think it would be interesting to compare countries in which there is a separate ministry of higher education to those in which they are all together, although that is not a perfect separation (or even a desired one) from the kind of thinking i note above