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Submitted by Hulisani on
The education system is broken into parts but is still a collection of parts that make the whole. When one part does not work the whole becomes ineffective. The real problem is that donors focus on 'pockets' of the education sector & assume that there will be change that leads to real economic and social change. That is a sad fantasy and will never happen. I always say when you want to see change the work like change is what you want to see. I see many governments investing money into primary education initiatives and some secondary education and other tertiary level initiatives. The problem with this is the lack of focus which leads to ineffectiveness. Education needs to be looked at from a value chain perspective. If any one part is ineffective it means the whole is ineffective in that it doesnt achieve desired outcome- the production of young adults who can compete in and comeplement the world economic; social and other system. The solution lies in consolidating efforts and focusing the models which are used to implement change across the board. Isolating one single tier of the system cannot bring about the necessary change.