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Submitted by Andrew on
Sadly your paper is in a proprietary journal that charges $32 to access your article. This seems a great pity given the importance of this discussion. No doubt you are working on a nice 4-page summary brief of you paper that practitioners can use to engage policy makers... If I were able to actually read your paper, I suspect it would confirm that your findings apply not just to Africa. The tertiary education system in the Philippines is plagued by an extremely poorly performing state university and college (SUC) system that permits any member of Congress to file legislation establishing a SUC with the associated financial bill passed to the state. The potential for mutual back-scratching - I'll support your SUC if you support mine - has led to a proliferation of institutions that are a drag on the public purse, contribute marginally to educational outcomes and churn out graduates unable to secure sustainable employment. Time for a change and not just in Africa...