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Submitted by Abdoulaye Niang on
Economic growth is contributed largely by enterprises with the capital form dominantly by foreign groups of private and public entrepreneurs and investors. Under such business arrangement, the Wealth of the Nation generated is largely retained by foreign nationals. This justifies the existence of 2Africas: One Africa with a solid growth rate and One Africa with over 30 States at the bottom of the Human Development Index. The Centre for Globalization Leadership is for the restructuring of the capital of joint-ventures to make it inclusive of the participation of groups of public and private investors to be at least 40 percent of extractive and agriculture industries but ideally to be 60 percent. The Africa Spring in Tunisia and Egypt and the Wealth War between NATO and China without the army of China in libya should help harness the will of the political leadership to launch a vast program of restructuring the capital of the existing joint-ventures.