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Submitted by TERRYANNE on
good Growth Numbers are a great thing, especially on the impact it has on Western perception of the African Continent. When the "bottom billion" is among the 'fastest growing economies, one will pause and take note. But I also believe that the very growth creates space for latency and cosmetic strategies that do not necesarily trickle down to the very people who need to feel that growth. The number of poor people in Sub saharan Africa has almost doubled (between 1981 and 2005) and Africa's share of the world poor has increased from 11% to 27%. This has been attributed to population growth, so clearly, either resources are not sufficient for the population growth or no one's interested in creating policies that 1.- addresses the massive population growth or 2, spurs the economy enough to support that population increase and consequent local demand. So where is this growth being felt? I think the celebration should be halted, another crisis on the way, and several African countries may this time not survive it as we did in 2008.