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Submitted by Catie on
I would argue that this is a disingenuous presentation of what is happening in Africa. Not totally inaccurate, but a presentation with some massive holes. Is Ghana really a good representation of SSA? Plus, let's talk about the use of GDP as an indicator of growth -- come on! OK, GDP (with GNP) can be a good gauge to a country's economy but what about the factors on the Human Development Index? Is a country really any better off with a higher GDP if the people are still improvised? And their natural resources plundered? Are these poor countries saving enough from the revenues of the natural resources? Even with high oil prices Nigeria is only meeting expenditures -- there is no savings! If you want to convince me that Africa is progressing lets talk about the countries left behind, or those who got over the hump of absolute poverty too late... let's talk about Center Africa Republic, Chad, Somalia, Sudan, Mali. Not Ghana like you use. Let's talk about countries where almost everything has failed. Aid. Governance projects.