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It is interesting to see that the skeptics voice predominate in this debate. There is of course serious questioning about "growth" itself as a useful yardstick for assessing meaningful development (that is change that matters for the majority). In addition to this general skepticism, there seem to be something particularly wrong with African growth! That wrong thing seems to resolve around the fact it is difficult to find that growth on the ground. Is this due to the phenomenon which Abdoulaye Niang raised in the first comment? Yes that does carry a part of the answer! UNECA over at least the past two years has been decry the disturbing trend of jobless growth. We urgently need to find a way of re-positioning local SMEs as the heart of the African economies. Growth must be located at that level. Can less centralized economic development interventions produce that outcome? That is what initiatives such as LEDNA ( seek to promote. Whatever the means, it is today key that that dynamic local productive base be developed. It does not exist now and is not seen to be emerging.