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Submitted by kimken on
After taking all the above into consideration:-To fix inflation, reduce interest rates and spark economic growth we need to; 1. Obtain a loan to cushion world oil prices in the long term and short term. 2. Price subsidies on oil inorder to lower manufacturing costs which will result in reduced final product prices. 3. Price controls, that will ensure manufacturers' only edge is quality. Benefits:-Increased disposable income which will result in increased savings and investments.Growth in deposits will force Bank interest rates down. Subsequent large lending should only be directed to projects that enhance economic growth. Any surplus monies thereof, the Government can use to build infra-structure that will further enhance economic growth in all viable sectors.(This should be outsourced inorder to curb cyclic inflation). Resultant low cost products will effectively compete in the export market hence closing our current account deficit. This should be sustained until our exports far exceed our imports.