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Submitted by Babra on
Kenya has been exporting labour, skilled and unskilled, to many parts of the world - whether in East Africa, Europe or North America. While Germany has been importing labour, it would seem it certainly could do with more. However neither counrty's population or labour pressures can be addressed by emigration alone. Kenya's growing young population will put pressure on resources no matter how much labour is exported. Aas has been noted Governance and Justice is key; without accountability precious resources will increasingly be managed for the benefit of the few. While in Germany (and Europe as a whole) as world markets become more competitive in the face of BRIC growth, Germany will need German speaking labour willing to do unskilled and skilled work. Kenyans should start learning German, and Germans should promote more the learning of German in Kenya as a means to emigration. For language is a key to greater acceptance and understanding in a foreign land; and in Germany for a skilled worker or professional it is a must. The real adjustment would be for more Kenyans to attend university in Germany, as the traditionl preference for the US and UK will have less relative value.