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Submitted by Yemane Abselom on
So how can Kenya deliver aid differently? Perhaps a critical and non prejudiced look at Eritrea's struggle with aid would help. Eritrea is often criticized for rejecting all aid. Which is not true. Eritrea asks for and accepts aid that support its development goals. Eritrea has strict guidelines on how and where aid money could be spent. Above all, Eritrea insists aid should not lead to dependence. But Donor countries and agencies have their own agenda. Donors seek to build their own success stories that fit their contributor's goals and agendas. To believe aid is good will money with no strings attached is foolish. There is no free lunch and Africans are better off without it. However, rejecting aid or putting limits on it comes at a price. Aid agencies were the first to tarnish Eritrea's image and call the country a beggar with an attitude. As the American saying goes, buyers be aware.