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Thanks for writing this highly informative piece. I believe that key policies by government can spur growth in Kenya and set it on the first lane towards achieving first world status. The importance of reduction in corruption levels in Kenya cannot be overemphasized. This can only be done by the leadership in place, political will is key to drastically reducing corruption which will see most revenue generated going towards financing intended purposes. The role of the middle class in Kenya is now more important than it has ever been since independence. I believe the purchasing power of Kenya's middle class has not been adequately and effectively tapped, case in point is the recent trend of over subscription to IPOs. This is a sign that the middle class can marshal huge resources to invest in job creating ventures like value adding industries. An example is coffee and tea industries that will ensure that Kenya only export fully processed tea and coffee. Fruit processing industries is another area where the middle class can invest their money. Encouraging the middle class to invest their money in such activities, will ensure that the appetite for imported goods reduces while generating foreign exchange that will stabilize the shilling and keep inflation in check (to some extend). Do I make sense?