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Submitted by J Kibera on
You make some incredibly valid points about the blanket praise and condemnation of aid, but your conclusion of amplifying success is a good one the rather opaque focus on ICT and knowledge business makes for a rather flat ending. The truth of the matter is that aid is spent a great deal of donor country agenda and partners. If you look at US Government spending for example the share that is spent on contractor and their overseas overhead is monstrous (over 40 percent) for rather unsure value. If you look at the criteria for disbursement a bias is given toward nationals and country firm regardless of the inherent competencies available in country. If you combine this bias, with no central government guidance you get ridiculous situations some of which I have witnessed where european nationals are given contracts to organize airport transfer between Moi International Airport, Mombasa and hotels at North Coast. Like it is a complex task that require a offshore arrangement to execute... Aid needs to submit itself to national priorities, process and personnel. Of late the habit of channeling resources through local NGO is resulting in cases where 100 percent funded legal entities are able to influence policy development, political process and thought without a single iota of local buy-in and support simply because they pay salaries and overhead to pursue their agenda. We may not have the leadership that we desire...that is able to define without self interest the development agenda with soft and hard infrastructure needs but that is still not an excuse to allow foreign capital to run riot without accountability to any in-country process.