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Submitted by Navin Girishankar on
Very good points. Some of the challenges you highlight are not unique to Kenya. The experience of South Africa post-apartheid, Ethiopia after the Ethio-Eritrean War, and Uganda in the late 1990s may prove instructive, especially since they all had similarly ambitious programs. A good deal depends on how the intergovermental fiscal framework that they construct -- and specifically whether it balances empowerment objectives (such as allowing local decision-making) with service delivery objectives (such as access, efficiency, and quality, etc.). There are some commonalities in the approach taken by the three countries I mentioned (for instance, the use of a formula-based equitable share for the recurrent costs of local services, a partially performance based capital grant, and a multisectoral capacity grant). These of course will eventually throw up new challenges but its a step in the direction of ensuring that local executives viable over time.