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Submitted by edgar on
The beauty of this article despite its glass half empty perception is that lessons can be learnt from other economies which have tried decentralization only to realize failure. One thing that needs to inform my country's decentralization programme is from whence have we as a people emerged. It is a given that past regimes had little inclination to economic development and only hoarded individual wealth at a regional level - but now that the new dispensation almost casts devolution on stone it provides an avenue in which the populace need to reform their work ethic in a manner that will make county governments the engine of wealth creation. Capacity is not lacking - cordination of this technical know how is probably the key thing. Nevertheless as Policy makers and implementators it will be imperative to not have failure as an option because it is a matter of life and not death! Too much incentives could also distort the potential of counties. Be that as it may,devolution is THE opportunity(politically and socially) to harness the potential of my motherland!