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Submitted by Stephen Okoth on
I am not an economist by profession. I am however a keen observer of economic, political, cultural and social trends across the world history. One fact that is evident is that no singular economic model is compatible with all cultures. The Chinese business culture and political system is successful because it is compatible with Chinese culture and current global economic trends. Similarly the system in the western world flourished at a given point in time and culture. I dont think a purely western style of economics is suitable for Africa. Historically and culturally Africans work together as specific communities to pursue individual and common goals. This is best achieved at community levels and is best served by decentralised systems of governance. Western world is purely individualised capitalistic and government aims to pursue limited roles. In Africa, government should actively be engaged with people at ground levels to pursue individual, communial and national goals. Any other system is incompatible with African cultural set up. That is why inherited governance systems have failed Africa largely. The Chinese political-economic model is closer to Africa. In Africa, growth should not be driven just by companies but also by communities, governments and cultural institutions.