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Thanks Wolfgang for your piece, You are right that there needs to be a balancing of centralization and decentralization if the gains are to be experienced. Kenyans are weary of excessive centralization for its seen as synonymous with misery given the many years of abuse of powers for private gains. Had centralization worked, I doubt there would such a deep demand for devolution. That said, I am an optimist that the new decentralization system will work when the leaders choose to look at long term benefits and thus build the economic bases that will sufficiently supply the resources for service provision. A sacrifice on the part of leaders is important in the first 10 years. That would mean maintaining lean county governments and investing in the areas that give each county a competitive advantage. I also think that the citizens have an indispensable role by being involved in what is done in their counties. The role of the central government must not be limited to sharing resources but also facilitating start up capacity building in all aspects - Technical, Human, Financial. This would for instance by implementing the various flagship projects outlined in Vision 2030. That will attract investors to new locations. But truth be told, even in the counties concentration will be in the urban areas and cities. I remain optimistic and will join other Kenyans to build our country.