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As a Kenyan who has lived with the notion of districts as the unit of devolution since independence, I think there's too much hope bequeathed on the county as the unit of devolution since the promulgation of the new constitution in 2010. In my view, going by this article, the new constitution is a document that has made most people hopeful, yet in real life, it's a disillusionment in its form and shape. Devolution as an element for distribution of funds has made life look so simple yet there is more to what meets the eye. Let us be realistic making funds available at the county level, does not make it fine if there are no means to promote accountability and transparency among the public servants. While Article 10 points out at National Values and Principles of Governance, there is still a need to outline personal ethics that govern public finance and expenditure, from the local to the national level, which need not be in the constitution but drawn in the personal attributes of individuals.