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Submitted by Sur Ambaya on
"Why not have local processing plants which in fact will stimulate production? " This is already addressed in the first Paradox. Why would I as an investor want to incur the peripheral costs of developing access roads, power transmission and other amenities to get the processing plant to be productive while I can pass on the cost of getting the produce to my plant in Thika over to the producers? Business is about returns and discarding the beneficient need to invest in marginalized areas for a minute, I would rather put my money were it will return the highest ROI - that location is in urbanized and well developed locations; not in distant, difficult to access and potentially isolated locations. One other Paradox that the author fails to mention is that most of these counties lack the human resources to move forward in any orderly fashion. There, I said it. Again, I will invest close to my resources - that is in the urban areas where I can access specialized manpower and human resources to earn the return that I seek. Having said this, the devolution may create net additional opportunities and stem the rural-urban migration that has left many marginalized areas lacking in the skilled manpower necessary for economic development to take place. Investors will be slow to follow abut they surely will. I for one think that there is more potential outside of the urban areas of Nairobi and Mombasa. If the counties execute well and keep that corruption tiger at bay, then they will reap the benefits arising for a scramble for the countryside.