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In this election year, we will hear of so many promises, of things the presidential candidates are willing to do for you to make you be most prosperous and to achieve whatever goals you have in your life. We have even heard the candidates say the major shakeups they would do in their first 100 days of government. I would like to run for president of the Republic of Kenya and here is my campaign, my vision and my goals for Kenya. I only have five goals which I believe would spur economic growth in Kenya: GOAL 1: FOOD SECURITY FOOD IS DAMN EXPENSIVE PERIOD. As president my number one priority would be lowering the costs of food. I would do that by lowering taxes on food implements & equipment. Lower taxes on things like farm equipment, the seedlings, fertilizer etc. Give subsidies to farmers and make sure there is price stability and if that means that my government should buy the food in times of plenty and sell in times when food supply is low, then there I will be. GOAL 2: WATER WATER WATER EVERYWHERE! The other thing is educating Kenyans in the arid and semi-arid areas how to do irrigation, my government will be on the forefront of investing in irrigation equipment and getting the necessary manpower to make sure that irrigation is available to all areas of the country and this way we can avoid the periodic droughts that Kenya faces. GOAL 3: INFRASTRUCTURE i) ROADS: The U.S embarked on country wide road systems in the 1950s and that made travel and communication that much easier. It opened up towns and cities to more business opportunities due to the road network. As your president, it will be my number one priority to have greater connectivity between towns and cities and villages. Mombasa to Kisumu should be very well connected and inter connected such that to move goods and services from all corners of the country would be way cheaper due to less wear and tear on vehicles, less time consumed moving these goods therefore less expenses making for cheaper goods, cheaper goods make for competitive prices. ii) ENERGY & POWER: The energy costs of Kenya are just too damn high, very inefficient (we all know of this KPLC nkt!) There is a need for Kenya to look for ways to improve on our energy production. With the much sunshine that we have solar power should be harnessed and enhanced, Wind Energy should be used, if we need to buy more power from our neighbouring countries so be it, for the constant power blackouts are definately no good for business, as they lead to wastage of resources, time and money. To encourage the growth of industries in manufacturing where mmost of our youth would be employed, we need to make sure that they are faced with lower electricity bills which should make their goods competitive in the East Africa region. GOAL 4: IMPROVE OUR GATEWAYS TO THE WORLD: I) Mombasa and greater Coastal Region: Its the country’s number one tourist destination and yet the governments have grossly neglected to take care of this region. There is a heavy need for investment in the city, road networks, social services to make sure that things like maintenance of the streets and infrastructure is highly improved. The port of Mombasa is very congested, very inefficient, too many delays too much corruption. Kenyans do not treat the port with the importance it deserves. Most goods that go through Mombasa serve not only Kenya but also Uganda, Rwanda Burundi, Congo. Huge markets for Kenyan industries and yet the port is ignored. It needs to be decongested, made more efficient, expanded, and reduce the bureaucracy that delays the fast movement of goods. II) KISUMU and greater western Kenya: Kisumu is the most central city in the EAC and accessible to all E.A.C countries. Its time it was given much more attention by the government. My presidency would focus on marketing the city/region. Improving the fish industry would also be important as it is a great employer of the region. There is no reason why Kisumu fish should not be the best in the region. Greater fishing technics, greater maintenance of the Lake to make sure that its ecosystem is protected would be my goal. GOAL 5: SECURITY Unless there is a sense of security people will not be feel free to go out and trade goods and services. Unless there is law that governs everyone, however big or small, people will be exploited and opportunities will disappear. I) POLICE FORCE: They need to be properly trained, and properly equiped to handle the security issues that Kenyan society faces. The police are also poorly paid and therefore low morale and therefore no ‘utumishi kwa wote’ The other day government websites were hacked, I am not sure whether the police force we have is prepared to deal cyber crime, it still can not cope with ‘huyo mwizi’. I would propose a reduction/ redistribution of police force/freezing hiring of new recruits. The reduced force that would be better equipped and better trained should also be better compensated. II) NATIONAL SECURITY: For a long time we have ignored our national borders. Its time the borders were taken seriously, the threats of Al Shabaab and other groups, are hitting closer home than we ever thought. Border security is paramount. With these five goals, I strongly believe we can change our country to be a regional force, an economic power, a country full of opportunities a country of HOPE! NOW WOULD YOU VOTE FOR ME????