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At this time in history, there are a lot of instruments in place put, to harness the development potential of our african nations… Not only those tools are available to us when it comes international cooperation, but domestically there are a lot that has been done to put the right concertation mechanisms in place, ready to get along with an entrepreneurship model based on sound investment strategies… If to date development has not taken place as it was intended to be, I would point the donor community for not being proactive or at best flexible in adapting those mechanisms on their sides to the prevalent socio-economic realities in Africa (ie illiteracy rates, gender disparity, digital divide, access to water and basic infrastructure services…the list goes on and on)... To this very juncture, with regards to all the woes this world is dealing with in the food supply front, energy and world peace concerns, only a shift, a genuine shift in the development rationale can ease the whole burden we face… Our farmers on the ground, our entrepreneurs, along with our civil societies in Africa, have always been ready, far ahead of local government bureaucratic mannerisms… but to those who make the local informal work, it is unthinkable to expect them to have to comply with rigorous accountability criteria dictating conventional market approaches… We need minimal accountability systems in place to allow such potential relevant to our economy to thrive for the benefit of the whole… Any other way would turn such sparse entities into workers of the big companies grabbing the lands and resources in Africa in the guise of a mistaken new world order… Wake up donors and partners in development… Demba Intl. Partnerships