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Submitted by Andy Mold on
There is a bit of a logical inconsistency in the arguments here, isn't there? The blog claims that "Whereas Ethiopia has 9,000 workers in apparel and 8,000 in leather goods, the comparable figures for Vietnam—a country the same size as Ethiopia—are 1 million and 600,000 respectively." and that by 'removing government restrictions', the Ethiopian government could 'double' the size of the employment in these industries. Which would take us to 18,000 in apparel, and 16,000 in leather goods in Ethiopia. It wouldn't seem like government intervention is the main part of the story, if this account of the differences is to be believed. The difference in employment, once the 'restrictions' are removed, is still 982,000 in apparel and 584,000 jobs in leather goods that needs explaining! Perhaps a more convincing explanation could be put forward?