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Submitted by Demba on
@ Roberts Do not get me wrong... nothing in my argument led to the slightest pretense of admiration of the west... not at all... My references would rather draw beyond concepts and today's worlds billionaires... I'm speaking from a realpolitiks' standpoint... We cannot be complacent of our own people and expect change to happen overnight... and Yes there is need for a "clear separation of the infrastructural development roles of the state and the market development role of the private sector" That statement I paraphrased it somewhere else saying this: Two major leads only will save our fragile african countries: 1-Reinforcing intra-regional trade along with supporting local small businesses 2-Diversifying trade partners in a context of Global economy where seemingly we have more choices to opt to deal whoever we want to deal with... This context of disarray across board gives us the UNIQUE opportunity to chose and initiate our own well-thought endogenous development models... We as CSO, NGO and CBs are ready to meet the challenges ahead... that's why there is a disconnect between our official leaders and the masses of aware and active citizens they're supposed to manage... Are our governments ready for the Challenge, left alone, to decide our own fate? Again Roberts here I stand, and I'm sure you're not far from me provided that you're guided by the right light! M. Demba