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Submitted by Demba on
@ CTB I bet you must be as confident as earlier polls saying at the dawn of the Arab spring that Tunisia was amongst the most stable nation in the Middle East... Indeed when you mention "I think the credit goes to the Africans, who despite a global economic crisis in 2008, and the risk of another one coming from Europe, are sticking to good policies" I wonder whether we are looking at the same reality... The crisis in Africa even prior to the whole world financial crisis, was and still is to the point where "there cannot be worse" than what we got... Indeed I would be more than excited to see the "good policies" you are referring to as the ones our african nations are sticking with... One the contrary I would rather say that this whole crisis sill reeling should be a good opportunity to start devising "good endogenous policies" to live by... African nations have long been subjected to extraversion logics from any standpoint... We need to start from our perspectives... Inside out. M. Demba [email protected]