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Submitted by Farrukh Abbas on
These are two words which mean a lot to any community wether any part of the world especially these issues should have to be addressed in third world countries especialy where there r lack of resources to utilize towards the progress of country world bank have to grant these countries for development in literacy so that ppl got educated to give their families a better living standard many countries in Europe and Africa have organisation who r working for this purpose but there is a little bit lack in developing countries i.e Afghanistan & Pakistan here there are lot of sources whether in case of manpower agriculural and minerals but there is diversion regarding utilization of sources which are not capitalize effectively world bank should have to estabish a monitoring teams who give reports with different intervals to minimize the malnutrition and misengagements governing by bodies uptil now thesd sort of work should be implemented but always there r oppotunities and new methods to improve the world economy as the world bank issues certain grants to any country should based upon legislative culture and depending on the political work image of any organisation or Party these are the preventive and corrective measures if we adopt we can bring a revolutionary change towards prosperity of the world