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The article is remarkable and an indication of how industrious Kenyans are. Its good to know that middle income level is within our reach. But what will it serve without good overnance, we may always fall behind if we do not watch our ays. This leads me to my point, governance! Without good governance the middle income status is only a dream. I urge all kenyans to br tolerrant, tollerant towards their neighbours opinions, beliefs, ideologies, cultures and any other thing worth respecting in a society. Ideal leaders are ment to unite and cemet this unity in national symbols like the constitution. We are heading towards a time where a leader does not represent hidtribes men alone, but Kenyans. Respect for private roperty should also e respected and advocatd for by integral leaders. I say this with the hope that Kenyans will vote wisely, based on performace and integrit of leaders. Let us not vote for a candidate because we want to bing another candidate down, but by his ideology and what he purposes to do in office. I forever am proud to be KENYAN