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Submitted by Blake on
The amazing feat in all of this must be that it's even possible for countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda to reach middle income status for Average GDP in the next 20 years. It is also an extremely positive article written about a region (EAC) that is normally thrown out or producing negative news. I find it very interesting and promising that major international companies are announcing plans to expand their East African operations or to relocate there. This is a huge step for this region, regardless of statistics. In today's global economy, and the tremendous unequal balance of wealth, foreign investment is surely a good sign for countries trying to claim the "emerging" tag and break from the chains of extreme poverty. Infrastructure is the key to as stated, and railways must be safe and secure throughout East Africa. Foreign Aid to these countries should be focused more on the infrastructure in the next ten years to secure that they eventually break into middle income status. Maybe capitalistic thinking is not the best way out for this region, but in today's state, I believe it is the only way. Trade and logistics need work, but it is possible, and foreign aid distributors should realize that this is what this region needs. Nevertheless, great article that finally shows some positivity towards a long suffering region.