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Submitted by Namira on
Great article Wolfgang! It's good that these groups of countries are getting on a path to growth. Among the discussion of the 'EAC' countries, I noticed that Burundi is not mentioned. Even if it's not performing well, it's important to highlight the bad performance as well in order to hold the decision-makers there to account. The situation is not totally hopeless there as all the other countries you're mentioning have also been through their turbulent times. I could go even further for the case of Kenya and Tanzania (perhaps Uganda) that it's surprising that they haven't reached middle-income status yet considering they have not gone through civil wars, etc...The governance and corruption issues need to be taken seriously for all those countries because I feel like that is the main reason many of them have not reached their full-scale economic development. The statistic about the Mombasa port versus Singapore made me hold my face in my hands. I started thinking about the amount of business potential lost over those ineficiencies...In short, there is still A LOT of work to do and it's too soon to celebrate because those countries could slip back easily as they have done in the past.