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Tanzania is known as a "haven" for money laundering. From 2000-2010-over $2.9Billion lost to tax evasion, money laundering. Laws exist to curb these criminal activities, however, to date the ruling party/rulers remain UNWILLING to Enforce any law on the matter. Not only that. There is an ongoing 20 year daylite robbery going on at the central bank, a project of few Tanzanian officials and their elite friends. Billions looted. My point is if there is no good governance in Tanzania, the people of Tanzania will continue to suffer because Tanzania is entrenched in Corruption. Like one local businessman said, corruption is the economy in Tanzania. In order for all the people of Tanzania to benefit, there has to be rule of law, good governance. Tanzania is 3rd leading Gold producer in region, 3rd leading development Aid recipient in the world, & has the 3rd largest slum population in the Africa.