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The second person, anonymous, you have a point that Tanzania is corrupt, but the rest are just useless incorrect comments. However, mind you, TI measures the "perception" only. Certanly, speaking of corruption, Tanzania is not the way you want to put it. If you hate the country for your reasons, then find somewhere else to direct your anger. Then, what region are talking about? Calling the whole of Africa a region? Hopeless! Speaking of a region that Tanzania belongs to, is East Africa where Tanzania is the only gold producer. Correctly, Tanzania is the 4th largest gold producer in Africa after South Africa, Ghana and Mali. Study your geo-politics again and update your data. Secondly, Tanzania is not the 3rd largest recipient of development aid in the world. You have to redefine that "development" aid to qualify your statement (remember how much Egypt gets) and say that the researcher was talking about 50-year period, which then makes no-sense at all because the country does not receive that much aid today as you wish. You mean that MCC's US$698 million for five years - is that a big deal to you? Speaking of slums, where have you seen such a thing in Tanzania? Is there anything in Tanzania that can be compare to Kibera in Nairobi? yes, we need better housing for majority of Tanzanians, but come on, claiming that Tanzania has the third largest slum population in Africa is stupid.