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Money Laundering-the report “Illicit Financial Flows from Africa: Hidden Resources for Development,” by Global Financial Integrity, states that Tanzania has lost $8.9 billion over the past four decades through illicit means. Kenya lost $7.3 billion while Uganda lost $6.4 billion over the same period. Illicit means are defined as money laundering, tax evasion, government graft & other illegal operations. In 2002, there was a report by ISS regarding money laundering in SADC region, it mentioned Tanzania's Attorney General's chambers, MoF, MoD, the police force as conspirators. The Judiciary and the police are mentioned as the most corrupt institutions in Tanzania in 2010 LHRC report. US State Department Human Rights 2011 report states that often Tanzania officials engage in corruption with impunity. Slums-UN reports estimate that in fact 92% of Tanzania’s urban population live in slum conditions – more than 11 million people – which would make it the third largest slum population in Africa. One doesn't need to be in denial or have permanent blindfolds because one is devoted to a system that is feeding them. Instead of defending a corrupt system why not save the country from it? While over 80% of Tanzanians are barely able to put food on the table. Tanzania people need to wake up! Pointing out WHAT&WHO is eating the country does NOT make one less patriotic! Tanzania has to reach its potential, unfortunately with a corrupt system, only few will benefit. ALL Tanzanians deserve a chance in life. They deserve Justice, human rights, and good governance!