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Submitted by Nachiket Mor on
Dear Mr. Fengler, I really enjoyed reading this post both because as somebody that longs to visit Kenya (as a tourist) I feel the pull of her beauty and because I feel the same way about India and her tourism potential as well. A group that am associated with has tried to focus on the "backpacker" market (both local and international) by starting up a rural tourism / bed-and-breakfast / low-end-hotels effort ( which offers up both accreditation as well as reservation services. In several parts of India this has met with a good response though a full realisation of its potential will only be gradual as both the tourist and the "supplier" starts to become familiar with this notion. I wonder if you think something like this will be useful for Kenya. The platform is a generic one and I am sure the RTNE team would be happy to share their technology and process understanding with people that are interested in this in Kenya. Sincerely, Nachiket Mor