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Submitted by Manoel Bittencourt on
I think this issue of the township being far from everything is important, but there is a twist. In Rio the favelas are not that far from where the economic activity takes place, but in other Brazilian cities they are. The difference is that in Brazil the poor is mobile, people move around to go to work, to go to football, to concerts, to parks, etc; they are always on the move. And this happens because there is transport; trains, trams, buses and even a version of the mini taxis (called lotacao in some cities). Sao Paulo is a gigantic city and the poor live far away, but they move, and more importantly, one or two generations later, they actually move from the favela, which implies change and growth. I agree about stop providing RDP houses in those areas of SA, but that is going to be hard to sell, so we need to start thinking about doable things. I hope it helps, Manoel.